Agricultural Crops Contribution Deduction

Agricultural Pollution Control Equipment Credit

Agricultural Preservation District Credit

Clean Elections Fund Donation Credit

Coal Consumed in Generating Electrical Power Credit

Enterprise Zone Employment Credit

Enterprise Zone Property Tax Abatement

Environmental Technology Facility Credit

Military Reuse Zone Employment Credit

Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) Credit

Pollution Control Equipment Credit

Increased Research Activities Credit

School Site Donation Credit

Solar Hot Water Heater Plumbing Stub Outs & Electric Vehicle Recharge Outlets Credits

Technology Skills Training Credit

Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Employment Credit

Underground Storage Tanks Credit

Wheels to Work Vehicle Donation Credit

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Credit

Rural Economic Development Initiative Program

Accounting Credit

Employing National Guard Members Credit
(effective for taxable years beginning after 2005)

Solar Energy Devices Credit

Charity Contribution Credits