Alternative Fuel Vehicle Credit

Alternative Fuel Refueling Facility Credit

Research and Development Sales & Use Tax Refund

Business Personal Property Revenue Surplus Refund Program

Child Care Facility Investment Credit

Child Care Contribution Credit

Colorado Coal Credit

Colorado Works Program Employment Credit

Contaminated Land Redevelopment Credit

Contribution to Enterprise Zone Administrator Credit

Crop and Livestock Contribution Credit

Employer Child Care Facility Investment Credit

Enterprise Zone Agricultural Processing Employees Credit

Enterprise Zone Health Insurance Qualified Employee Credit

Enterprise Zone Investment Tax Credit

Enterprise Zone Job Training Credit

Enterprise Zone Local Incentives

Enterprise Zone New Business Facility Employee Credit

Enterprise Zone Vacant Commercial Building Rehabilitation Credit

Enterprise Zone Research & Experimental Activities Credit

Rural Technology Enterprise Zone Credit (expired 12/31/04)

Historic Property Preservation Credit

Impact Assistance Contribution Credits

Low-Income Housing Credit

Plastic Recycling New Technology Credit

Qualified Property Investment (New Investment Tax Credit)

Residential Energy-Related Loans Credit

School-to-Career Investment Credit

Enhanced Rural Enterprise Zone Job Credits (EREZ)

Enterprise Zone Administrator Contribution Credit

Gross Conservation Easement Credit