Airport Development Projects Credit

Brownfield Revitalization Zone Credit

College Contribution's Credit

Community Revitalization Enhancement District Credit

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Credit

Economic Development for a Growing Economy Tax Credit (EDGE)

Economic Revitalization Area Research & Development Property Tax Abatement

Enterprise Zone Abatement of Assessed Valuation of Rehabilitated Property

Enterprise Zone Employment Expense Credit

Enterprise Zone Gross Income Tax Exemption

Enterprise Zone Inventory Tax Abatement

Enterprise Zone Investment Cost Credit

Enterprise Zone Loan Interest Tax Credit

Enterprise Zone Personal Property Tax Abatement

Enterprise Zone Real Property Tax Abatement

Financial Institution Personal Property Tax Reduction Credit

Guaranty Association Credit

Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit

Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance Association Credit

Individual Development Account Tax Credit

Industrial Recovery Tax Credit

Maritime Opportunity District Manufacturing Equipment Donation

Maternity Home Tax Credit

Military Base Recovery Tax Credit

Motor Carrier Fuel Proportional Use Tax Credit

Neighborhood Assistance Tax Credit

Personal Property Tax Reduction Credits

Prison Investment Tax Credit

Research Expense Credit

Riverboat Building Credit

Teacher Summer Employment Tax Credit

Twenty-First Century Scholars Program Support Fund Credit

Refined Lubrication Oil Facility Tax Credit

Hoosier Business Investment Tax Credit