Individual Training Account Program Credit

Advantage Missouri Trust Fund Contribution Credit

Affordable Housing Assistance Credit

Agricultural Product Utilization Contributor Credit

Bank Franchise Tax Credit

Bank Tax Credit for S Corporation Shareholders

Business Use Incentives for Large-Scale Development (BUILD) Credit

Business Modernization and Technology (Seed Capital) Credit

Charcoal Producers Credit

Community Bank Investment Credit

Development Reserve Credit

Development of Abandoned Property Credit

Dry Fire Hydrant Credit

Export Finance Credit

Family Development Account Credit

Federal Empowerment Zone or Enterprise Community State Credits

Film Production Credit

Higher Education Scholarship Fund Credit

Historic Preservation Credit

Infrastructure Facilities Loans Credit

Infrastructure Development Credit

Insurance Premiums Tax Credit

Low Income Housing Credit

Maternity Home Credit

Mature Worker Childcare Program Credit

Neighborhood Assistance Credit

New Enterprise Creation Credit

New Generation Cooperative Incentive Credit

New or Expanded Business Facility Credit

Processed Wood Energy Credit

Qualified Research Expense Credit

Rebuilding Communities and Neighborhood Preservation Credit

Recycling Property Investment Tax Credit

Remediation Credit

SBA Guaranty Fee Credit

Skills Development Credit

Small Business Incubator Credit

Small Business Investment Capital Credit

Special Needs Adoption Credit

Sponsorship and Mentoring Program Credit

Strategic Initiative Investment Income Tax Refund

Transportation Development Credit

Wine and Grape Production Credit

Youth Opportunities Credit