Alternative Fuel Credit

Qualified Endowment Credit

College Contribution Credit

Computer Equipment to Schools Donation Deduction

Contractor's Gross Receipts Tax Credit

Dependent Care Assistance Credit

Deduction for Donation of Mineral Exploration Documents

Disability Insurance for Uninsured Montanans Credit

Energy Conservation Investment Credit

Historical Buildings Preservation Credit

Industrial Park Property Tax Incentives

Infrastructure Users Fee Credit

Mineral Exploration Incentive Credit

Montana Capital Company Credit

Montana Recycling Credit/Deduction

New or Expanded Industry Credit

New or Expanded Industry Tax Credit

Research & Development Firms Tax Exemption

Increase Research & Development Activities Credit

Small Business Investment Credit

Wind Energy Producers Credit

Affordable Housing Revoloving Loan Account Contribution Credit

Interest Differential Credit

Day Care Facilities Credit

Health Insurance for Uninsured Montanans Credit

Alternative Energy Production Credit

Qualified Endowment Credit

Developmental Disability Account Contribution Credit

Empowerment Zone Credit

Alternative Energy Systems Credit