Credit for Investing in Central Office or Aircraft Facility Property

Manufacturing Cigarettes for Export Credit

Cogeneration Power Plant Credit

Conservation Tillage Equipment Credit

Contribution to Development Zone Improvement Project Credit

Gleaned Crop Donation Credit

Credit for Construction of Dwelling Units for Handicapped Persons

Job Creation Tax Credit

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

Machinery & Equipment Investment Tax Credit

Non-Hazardous Dry-Cleaning Equipment Investment Credit

Piped Natural Gas Tax Credit

Poultry Composting Facility Credit

Credit for Real Property Donated for Conservation Purposes

Recycling Facility Investment Credits

Rehabilitation of Historic Structures Credit

Credit for Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing Facility Construction (expires 12/31/05)

Renewable Energy Property Investment Tax Credit

Research & Development Tax Credit

Credit for Supervisory Fees Paid by Saving & Loan Association

Technology Commercialization Credit

Credit for Certain Telephone Subscriber Line Charges

Credit for Wharfage Paid to North Carolina Ports

Worker Training Tax Credit