Alternative Fuels Credit

Defibrillator Credit

Empire Zone Capital Tax Credit

Empire Zone Investment and Employment Incentive Tax Credits

Empire Zone Real Property Tax Credit

Empire Zone Sales Tax Refund

Empire Zone Tax Reduction Tax Credit

Empire Zone Wage Tax Credit

Employment of Persons with Disabilities (WETC) Credit

Farmer's School Tax Credit

Foreign Corporation Annual Maintenance Fee Credit

Green Building Credit

Historic Barn Rehabilitation Credit

Industrial or Manufacturing Business Credit

Investment and Employment Incentive Tax Credit

Long-Term Care Insurance Credit

Minimum Tax Credit

Qualified Emerging Technology Company Capital Tax Credit

Qualified Emerging Technology Company Employment Credit

Retail Enterprises Rehabilitation Credit

Servicing Mortgages Credit

Special Additional Mortgage Recording Tax Credit

Transportation Improvement Contribution Credit

Zone Equivalent Area Wage Tax Credit

Power for Jobs Program

Low-Income Housing Credit

Brownfield Redevelopment Tax Credit

Environmental Remediation Insurance Credit

Security Training Tax Credit (effective 1/1/05)

Empire State Film Production Credit

QEZE Real Property Tax Credit

CAPCO Credit

Retaliatory Tax Credit

Fuel Cell Equipment Credit (effective 1/1/05)

World Trade Center Area Incentives

QEZE Sales Tax Exemption

QEZE Tax Reduction Credit