Air Transportation Establishments Investment Credit

Agricultural Commodity Processing Facility Income Tax Exclusion

Child Care Services Provider Credit

Clean-Burning Motor Fuel Credit

Coal Credit

Commercial Space Industry Jobs Credit

Computer, Data Processing and Research & Development Businesses Jobs Credit

Insurers Tax Credit

Electric Motor Vehicle Investment Credit

Employer Provided Child Care Credit

Energy Conservation Assistance Fund Credit

Enterprise Zone Investment Tax Credit

Enterprise Zone Job Creation Credit

Enterprise Zone Property Tax Exemption

Manufacturer's Gas Credit

Hazardous Waste Control Credits

Hepatitis A Employee Vaccination Credit

Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit

Investment Tax Credit

Qualified Facility Property Tax Exemption

Qualified Facility Sales Tax Exemption

New Products Development Income Tax Exemption

Agricultural Producers Credit

Quality Jobs Program Act

Qualified Recycling Facility Credit

Small Business Administration (SBA) Guarantee Fee Tax Credit

Small Business Capital Formation Tax Credit

Small Employer Quality Jobs Incentive

Technology Transfer Income Tax Exemption

Tourism Development Credit

Venture Capital Company Tax Credit

Electricity Generated by Zero-Emission Facilities Credit

Qualified Space Transportation Vehicle Investment Credit

Alternative Energy Sources Tax Credit

Rural Economic Development Loan Program Tax Credit

Job Creation Tax Credit

Nonstop Air Service from Oklahoma to the Coast Credit

Manufacturers of Small Wind Turbines

Qualified Ethanol Facilities Credit